1. What is the deadline for posting student writing on the website?
    1. March 31, 2016
  1. What format should student work be submitted in?
    1. Please copy and paste typed text into the application page on this website. Other accommodations may be arranged by contacting shaines@artsforlearningindiana.org
  1. What information or signatures are needed?
    1.  The website will request name and contact information for the student writers and their teachers, and also parental consent for the work to be published on the website and possibly in a print anthology.
  1. Does student writing have to be done in a classroom?
    1.  No—we will also welcome the work of students who do the writing on their own or as part of a community program.  We do need a parent or guardian’s consent for the work to be published, however.
  1. What length should the writing be?
    1. We leave that up to the students and the teachers and other adults who work with them.  We welcome work that is purposeful, focused, and detailed, and so will readers. If the full text is extremely long, we reserve the right to edit length to fit our web and print format.
  1. How will writing be selected for the print anthology?
    1. One or more editors will appoint an editorial board that will select works, though editors and the sponsoring organizations reserve the right to make final editorial decisions.  Members of the editorial board will include a range of Hoosiers interested in the cultural legacy of this state and the writing potential of young people.
  1. When and how will the print anthology be available?
    1.  This may depend on funding and other factors, but we hope to have the print anthology available for purchase (and possibly sponsored distribution) by fall 2016.