Of course, the Indiana Historical Society is an excellent resource.  Their website includes the following resources that teachers and students may find helpful in doing this project.

Local History Contacts:  http://www.indianahistory.org/our-services/local-history-services/local-history-contacts

Teacher Resources:  http://www.indianahistory.org/teachers-students/teacher-resources#.VesQULxViko

The Indianapolis Public Library has a Kids Blog, which includes this page chock-full of links to resources on Indiana history:  http://www.imcpl.org/kids/blog/?page_id=12286

The Indiana Historical Bureau, located in the Indiana State Library in Indianapolis, also has a website with many resources about state and local history, including information about all the historical markers in Indiana:  http://www.in.gov/history/aboutus.htm

The Bureau has a page of Educator Resources:  http://www.in.gov/history/4029.htm

The Indiana Department of Natural Resources has this page about Indiana history, including Indians, cemeteries, fossils and archaeology:  http://www.in.gov/dnr/kids/5987.htm

Native Languages of the Americas is an non-profit site dedicated to preserving Native American languages.  Here is their page on Indiana:  http://www.native-languages.org/indiana.htm

The American Indian Center of Indiana includes information about and links to many organizations, including tribes, focused on American Indian culture in Indiana:  http://www.americanindiancenter.org/tribes.php

The Indiana African-American Heritage Trail identifies sites in southern Indiana:  http://indianaafricanamericanheritage.org/the-trail

This article, with links, on developing a local history curriculum may be helpful: http://teachinghistory.org/teaching-materials/ask-a-master-teacher/22471

Here’s a Library of Congress page on teaching elementary students using primary sources:  http://www.loc.gov/teachers/tps/quarterly/elementary/research.html